Harmonic filtering, flicker mitigation, commutation filters etc.

Variable speed drives and other power electronic converters are non-linear loads. Those converters generate harmonic currents and voltage distortions which are responsible for increased losses and disturbances in electric grids and equipment.

We propose both passive and active filters which allow for total or partial elimination of the harmonic pollution in the same system as  where they are generated. Thanks to such filters, our customers are enabled to eliminate the consequences of harmonic pollution and of the costs resulting from the damage caused to their equipment.

Actif filtres - type PQF

Passive filters - type CLMX-FC

Passive filters allow for harmonic filtering  and power factor compensation (coseven in an ultra-dynamic design for applications variable/dynamic loads.


Dynamic compensation type CLMQ – “Dynacomp”

A dynamic compensation for very dynamic loads such as cranes, lifts, spot or continuous welding machines, reciprocating compressors, extruders etc.
They offer a response time which proves to be adequate where traditional solutions fail. As a result, losses can be reduced, disturbances strongly mitigated and machine efficiency improved.

Filter banks for M.V. – indoor or outdoor design

Available for all voltage levels from 3 to 400 kV, single or multiple tuning frequencies, in detuned – bandpass – highpass – “C” filter design.  



Special network filters

Types:       HP    TPX     TPK-L

Specific network filters for mitigation of high frequency disturbances caused by power electronic devices (e.g. commutations of variable speed drives, UPS equipment etc.).
We offer pass-through filters (series connected) for specific loads as well as network filters (parallel connected) for entire distribution panels.

Blocking circuits

Types: DGSP         TF

For distributed power plants (cogeneration), capacitor banks, complex lighting installations fitted with discharge lamps (such as in greenhouses, solar centers, industrial halls and warehouses), a blocking filter will be required for the protection of the utility’s radio frequency signal. This signal is used by the distribution grid operator for tariff control etc.


Type: DGSP


Type: TF


On the other hand, light and sound installations can be disturbed by this same radio frequency signal. For such applications, we offer blocking and filtering circuits for the protection of these users against annoying interferences in low and medium voltage grids of distribution grid operators.

We offer those filters for low and medium voltage.

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